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Er zijn nog geen producten in uw winkelwagen geplaatst.

Disaster Area DisasterPlug Solderless Plug
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Disaster Area DisasterPlug Solderless Plug, elke plug is zowel haaks als recht te gebruiken, werkt ook met .155 George L's Cable.


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Introducing DisasterPlugs by G&H – the new standard in low-profile solderless cabling.

DisasterPlugs are an ultra-low profile solderless cable system, making them the ideal choice for your jam-packed pedalboard or rack system. They’re easy to assemble, don’t require any tedious stripping and work as either a straight or right-angle cable that can be changed at any time. Just insert the cable into the opening on the DisasterPlug and then tighten the ground screw — it’s that easy.  DisasterPlugs are made in the USA by G&H, a leader in the audio connector industry.

We’re not going to resort to wild claims about our cable kits and plugs.  They’re small, they work well, and they’re designed to be easily assembled and reassembled any time you need to make a change — without tearing up your thumbs.

DisasterPlug Solderless Plug Features:

  • Ultra-compact Solderless Plugs 0.4″ / 10.24mm dia. x 0.435″ / 11mm long handle size
  • Allows for higher connection density / more pedals on your board
  • Each plug may be made as straight or right-angle
  • Simple connection, requires only a screwdriver
  • Plugs made in USA

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